Find us by entering the Grace Lutheran Church parking lot

from the Beaver Ave entrance.

The Gym entrance is the first one on the right.

Abstraction of a forehand drive

State College Table Tennis Club


Register and pay fee before beginning play. All players must sign the waiver of liability . No food

or drink in the gym, except bottled water. At the conclusion of play remove all containers and trash.

Keep the gym area neat and clean, it should look as good as or better than we find it.

Pattern of Play: Play is open and our intent is to have fun, however, everyone should have a

chance to get involved. From time to time the higher rated players in the club can find an

opportunity to help the lower rated players to improve.

Play, in general, is “table challenge” where a player may challenge a table winner by placing their

paddle by the table. The winner of the table may remain or vacate the table to the next two players.

When all tables are busy and people are waiting to play consider the following:

A five minute warm-up may precede a match. The match consists of 3 to 5 games where the first

player to 3 wins the table. A practice or drill session of 15-20 minutes may be substituted for a

match with one or two players vacating the table at the end of the practice session. If the gym has

more than12 challengers the first player at a table with two winning games wins the table and drill

is limited to 10-15 minutes.

When all tables are busy with challengers a player should not practice or play at a table while

challenging another table. Remember to remove your paddle from a table if you are no longer

challenging that table.Players should not challenge more than one table at a time. Table players

will confirm if a challenge has been withdrawn or if the challenger is unavailable. Doubles winners

stay at the table. One or both winners may vacate the table to the next challengers. Partners in a challenge should be arranged before a challenge is issued.

During Play:

1. Follow USATT rules.

2. USATT states that If there is no umpire and questionable points occur the player closest to the

ball shall make the call, however, we play that If the call is disputed a let shall be immediately

called and the point replayed. An umpire, if called to resolve a dispute, would return to the last

score agreed to by the competing players.

Note: As of December 2013, a double hit must be intentional before it is considered a lost point.

3. It is the servers’ responsibility to call the score before serving. The servers’ score is called first.

Protect the equipment:

4. Wear non-marking gym shoes.

5. Do not sit on the tables.

6. First time helpers should ask for advice when setting up or taking down equipment. The Joola

tables must have the leg braces set and then un-braced before lifting to the storage position.

Please be courteous:

7. Respect play on other courts.

8. Shirts are required and are not to display distracting graphics.

The 2013 State College Table Tennis Club, Code of Conduct The following is how we conduct


1. All conduct is to be sportsman like. There is to be no boisterous or foul language. Common

courtesy to others will be practiced. Participants are not to be abusive to others, to the building,

or equipment. Participants must conduct themselves in a safe and prudent manor at all times

while in the building or on the grounds.

2. Smoking and alcohol use is prohibited. There shall be no use or possession of non prescription


3. There will be no age or gender limitations, except that minors are to be accompanied by a

parent or guardian.

4. Club Leaders will coordinate with building administrators concerning club activities. Leaders

and participants must adhere to resulting instructions.

5. Participants release all claims against the Club and Grace Lutheran Church from liability during

activities of the club, whether on or off site, or during travel.

6. Participants take full responsibility for their own risk of injury. They must assess the environment

and their own physical or mental ability, with the help of medical advice if necessary.