The State College Table Tennis Club was formed in November of 2012.                                                                                                       

There are no age or gender limitations to participate, but minors are to be

 accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Upcoming Cancellations:

Memorial Day, 2024

The club has moved to our new location in the St Paul's Methodist Church gym.  That's on the ground floor (partly below ground) of the main church building. Enter at one of the Calder Way entrances and go right (north-east) to a down stairway- an arrow on the wall points down toward the "gym."

Play time is unchanged  - 7pm to 9pm Monday evenings.

Bring your own paddle (we do have a variety of loaners). We provide the balls (top quality).

You can park (free) on the Church lot immediately behind the Education Bldg (on the corner of Calder Way and Locust St). For reference, the church itself occupies the entire space bounded by College Ave, McAlister St, Calder Way, and Locust St. You must enter the parking lot via Calder Way from Locust St since Calder way is one way west, toward McAlister St.

Signs on the lot warn that unauthorized vehicles will be towed, but you are quite safe after 5pm until at least 10pm. Spaces along the Calder Way side of the Ed Bldg are also available.

League Play


We have league play on Monday evening. Its on a volunteer

basis. If you want to play put a mark by your name at the sign-up

table or add your name to the list. If you have a rating we will use it

but if you don't have one we will figure one out for starters. Your

rating will change depending on wins and losses. We have dedicated

a page on our web site for league play. Further explanation will occur

There. Hope you are interested.





The World Cup Joola tables have extra red legs.

They are leveling legs that make the tables perfectly flat.

They need to be removed first (after the nets are removed) when taking

the tables down. Release red braces next.

Note: Some or all of the Tour 2500 may also have extra red legs.


We presently have tournament-rated players who can help new players develop their game as

well as provide good competition to experienced players. If you have not played the sport or if

your game is a little rusty we can help you improve.

If you are not interested in competition that's ok too. We have players who like to get exercise or

meet people or just like to play for the fun of it. Some are really good and some are not so good,

but we all work at it.   

Bring your own paddle if you have one, all other equipment is provided. If you need a paddle,

some loaners are available.


The club has players from "beginner" to "skilled". The expectations are that very good players 

might develop from both groups.


The first visit is free then a two dollar fee per session thereafter.  You pay only if you play and

there is no minimum attendance required. The club pays a small maintenance

fee but the rest of the money will go to support club operation. Occasionally, highly rated players

may conduct demonstrations and clinics.


AND we can have fun, get good exercise, meet people and develop friendships. Hope to see you

on Monday evenings.



Scot Senyk: vanludwig@acrongames.com.


Note that cancellations, changes, additions and announcements pertaining to the club will be

located on our (SCTTC) web site home page.